StockWise Inventory Management Solutions

Programs Designed to Keep Your Business Moving Forward

Managing inventory affects your business' bottom line and the time you can dedicate to the job at hand. With our free organization tools and full-service Stockwise inventory management programs, you can better manage your inventory, improve productivity, and reduce costs. These programs can also be customized to fit your specific business needs.

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StockWise Product ID

Product Identification
Work with your Leran Sales Professional or visit our website to determine the most important products for all of your stocking locations, including your stockrooms, trucks, and warehouses. This is the first step toward maintaining the right product mix and building your just-in-time inventory replenishment.

StockWise Bin Labels

Bin Labels
Organize your inventory and easily access products with our free online Bin Label tool. Each color-coded label includes the product’s part number, description, image, and barcode for quick and intuitive identification.

StockWise Organize


StockWise Manage

Shop Management Program

Shop Management Program (SMP)
This program is designed for any size customer who is looking to improve their inventory efficiency through organization and technology. Special racks and bin boxes help you control your stocked products. Depending on your specific needs, various qualifying solution options are available.


StockWise Mobile Scan

Mobile Scan to Order
Our free mobile app includes all of the convenient features of our mobile website, plus it enables you to quickly order items by scanning product barcodes on your bin labels — all without specialized equipment.


Accelerate your inventory check-in and check-out process with our comprehensive inventory management system. Supplyware® manages inventory minimum/maximum levels and provides real-time visibility to your stock levels and usage and automates ordering and replenishment.
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StockWise Inventory Management Solutions

Web Tools
Not only is your one-stop source for the key essentials you like to keep on hand, it is also your ultimate business solutions resources. Simply log into your account and gain access to Favorites Lists, workflow and reporting tools, and order status tracking capabilities.