Shop Management Program

Home Depot Pro offers several business solutions to help maximize your profit potential. Our innovative Shop Management Program (SMP) is designed to highly organize and manage product inventory, provide visibility to your inventory, and create efficiencies in several cost-effective ways.

The SMP solution is specifically designed for stock rooms where predetermined products are maintained at certain minimum/maximum levels. It utilizes 5 product categories, with various racking and bin/box sizes to accommodate your warehouse’s space allowance and mix of parts.

One of the main benefits of Home Depot Pro's Shop Management Program is cost savings. Having an organized and controlled warehouse increases efficiency and allows techs to stay productive. This program is customizable to fit your business needs.


3 Aspects of SMP


  • Products are separated by 5 main categories: Regulators, Fittings, Valves, Pipes and Tubing, and Miscellaneous
  • Each bin is labeled with a color that coordinates to the categories, allowing you to easily locate products
  • Each item has a picture label and scannable bar code for easy identification


  • Defined categorization reduces time spent looking for an item
  • Having one system makes training easier and faster, which increases employee productivity
  • Decreased invoices and enhanced reporting through vendor consolidation



How It Works

Step 1: Product Selection

  • Your Sales Professional works with you to identify, analyze, and convert your most frequently purchased products

Step 2: Shop Design

  • A designated SMP consultant works with you throughout this process
  • You need to provide pictures and measurements of your warehouse space
  • Your consultant uses your information to create a scaled schematic of the warehouse layout

Step 3: Preparation

  • You have to clear your warehouse space for the SMP installation
  • The product lead time for inventory, racks, bins, signage, etc. takes an average of 30 days

Step 4: Racks Received and Installed

  • Once a date has been scheduled, you receive preassembled, ready-to-install racks with a step-by-step instruction guide at your warehouse
  • You also receive a custom shop catalog, bin labels, and category signage
  • Physical setup can be completed in 1-2 days for most locations

Step 5: Follow Up

  • Your Sales Professional and SMP Consultant follow up with you to ensure you have everything you need

For more information, contact your Sales Professional or call 904.463.6472.